William Henry and Frances Hickmott nee Free
Family Photos

(last updated 10 February 2017)

grace dean nee hickmott gladys hickmott

Grace Dean nee Hickmott. Gladys Hickmott (on the right) with her maternal grandfather Samuel Free and aunt Jean Free.

judy milk ins and children

Muriel Edith ('Judy') Milkins nee Hickmott and her twin daughters, Marion and Jennifer.

judy milkins and sisters

From left to right: Judy Milkins nee Hickmott (seated), Jillian Cheeseman, Elsie Cheeseman nee Hickmott
and Mavis Hooker nee Hickmott.

hutch hickmott mavis hickmott

VX134506 Sapper Arthur William ('Hutch') Hickmott and Mavis Hooker nee Hickmott and her eldest daughter Vivienne.

ted and lorna wedding

The wedding of William Edwin case ('Ted') Smith and Lorna Olive Hickmott at Ouyen on 16 February 1949.

lorna hickmott ginge hickmott

Lorna Olive Hickmott probably in Melbourne and Francis Allan ('Ginge') Hickmott in front of the Hickmott family's International Army release truck.

forty and joyce hickmott

Josephine Agnes ('Joyce') Hickmott nee Harrington, Colin Maurice McLean, Ivy Muriel McLean nee Dean and
Wilfred Samuel ('Forty') Hickmott.

forty hickmott

Forty Hickmott and his children: Christine, Ron, Steven and Dianne.

lewis and june mcdougall

Lewis Grant ('Lew') McDougall and June Flavell Hickmott.

june and lewis wedding valda and ralph hickmott

June and Lew McDougall and Valda and Ralph Hickmott.

ralph and valda hickmott and family

Jillian, Valda, Neale and Ralph Hickmott.

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