Burns Photographs
Part II

(last updated: 30 November 2009)

The photos shown below are from a collection held by Barbara Moore who was sent them by her cousin. We have included only those that we are reasonably sure of and are not already included in the group of photos displayed in Burns Photographs Part I.

maude burns john charles burns

The photo on the left is of Ellen Maude Burns and that on the right of her younger brother,
John Charles Burns (seated) with a colleague from Western Australia.
The photo of John was sent to his uncle Cornelius ('Con') Kersley. We think it was taken in France in August 1918
not long before he was seriously wounded and hospitalised in England.

maude burns wedding

Taken in 1917, this is the wedding photo of Ellen Maude Burns, the oldest daughter of
James Napoleon Burns and Lucy Ann Kersley. Those pictured are, from L/R:
Unknown, James Napoleon Burns, Veronica Mary Burns, Victor Gladstone Duncan,
Ellen Maude Duncan nee Burns, Albert James Burns and Unknown.

beach group

This group photo shows Lucy Burns (seated on the left), her husband James Napoleon Burns
(standing behind her) and her brother Cornelius ('Con') Kersley (in the bowler hat). The
second older woman is probably Con's wife Wilhelmina Kersley nee Burrows nee Campion.
The young girl seated on the sand may be James and Lucy's youngest daughter Doreen Monica ('Mona') Burns.
The other girls and the boy on the right may be Wilhelmina's children by her previous marriage:
Frederick Thomas, Sylvia Daisy and Amy Burrowes. The hatted boys are likely to be
her and Con's sons Jack, Roy or Henry Kersley.

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