Laurence Family Photos

(Last updated: 23 February 2014)

william and mary jane laurence laurence children at gillenbah

Both taken at Gillenbah, the photo on the left is of William and Mary Jane Laurence.
That on the right shows Alex, William jnr, Lucy and Tommy Laurence.

wedding of alfred and alice

Alice Maud Laurence and Alfred Cheeseman's wedding photo at Narrandera in 1910 showing (L/R):
Emily Laurence, William Joseph Laurence, Alfred William Cheeseman, Alice Maud Laurence,
Arthur Conrad Beecher, Catherine Laurence and Mary Jane Laurence

laurence family

A Laurence family gathering at Gillenbah. Rear row (L/R): Unknown, probably Bridget Ellen ('Nellie'),
unknown, unknown, Lucy, unknown, possibly Catherine ('Kit'). Front Row: Alex, Mary Jane,
William Joseph with Tommy in front and unknown.

laurence family

William and Mary Jane Laurence at Gillenbah with their youngest son Tommy.

laurence girls

Four Laurence sisters (L/R): Alice Maud, Emily Mary Jane and Lucy.

beach picnic

This photo (from 'Monie's trunk') is of a Kersley family gathering at Melbourne in around 1912. William and
Mary Jane Laurence are sixth and fourth from the right in the rear). We think the woman on the extreme right
is either Bridget Ellen ('Nell') or Lucy Margaret Laurence, the boy on the extreme left in the middle may be
Alexander Laurence and the boy three from the left in the front is probably Robert Thomas ('Tommy') Laurence.
Click here to see who some of the others in the photo are.

laurence at narrandera woy woy xmas 1928

The photo on the left was taken at Narrandera in 1934 and shows (standing L/R): Tom, William and Alec Laurence.
Seated: Lucy and Kitty Laurence. That on the right was taken at Woy Woy at Xmas 1928 and shows
Mary Jane and Catherine ('Kitty') Laurence with their father William Joseph.

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