Fred Bodger Family Photos

(last updated: 22 April 200)

fred bodger 1925

From Irene Restall's collection, this studio photo was taken, she thinks at Islington in London,
in around 1925. It is of her father Frederick Henry ('Fred') Bodger (1918-71).
Irene writes: 'The fact of the expense of a studio photo being used and his smart outfit points to the family
not being too badly off, certainly not impoverished. Don't know what his father was workwise.'

lennie and fred bodger 1939

Also from Irene Restall's collection this photo was taken in 1939
and is of her father Fred and his favourite brother Lennie (wearing the steel helmet).
'Dad and Lennie without any stripes so just privates. Dad's cap badge is the Wiltshire Regiment.
Perhaps they were just on their way or on leave.'

fred and susan bodger 1952

Taken in July 1952, this photo is of Fred Bodger and his youngest daughter Susan Irene (aged 2 weeks).
Irene tells us that the photo was taken 'in Copthall fields at the top of Page Street'.
Fred later moved away from the family and went by the name of Bob Wilson. He died in Glasgow in 1971
and was cremated at the Maryhill Crematorium.

meeting in ballarat

Fred's daughter Cynthia Tizzard nee Bodger (second from the left) at Ballarat in Victoria in around 2005.
She is with three of her Australian Cheeseman cousins: Sue Taylor nee Cheeseman, daughter of Palmer Selwyn ('Charlie') Cheeseman,
and Daryl (on the left) and Graeme Cheeseman, sons of Laurence Alfred Cheeseman.

Image Sources:
Frederick Henry ('Fred') Bodger, Fred and Lennie Bodger, and Fred and Susan Bodger, courtesy of Irene Restall.
The Ballarat meeting, courtesy of David Tizzard.

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