Emily Laurence

(Last updated: 10 March 2014)

william & mary jane laurence emily and maud laurence

The photo on the left shows Emily (seated on the ground) with her parents and siblings - Florence May,
Mary Jane and Alice Maud Laurence - at Kiama in around 1894. The one on the right is of Emily amd Maud Laurence.

emily laurence emily laurence

Two photos of Emily Laurence before she was married.

lucy and emily laurence

Lucy Margaret and Emily Laurence at Narrandera.

laurence girls

Four Laurence sisters (L/R): Alice Maud, Emily Mary Jane and Lucy Margaret.

tom laurence and family

Emily with family and relatives in around 1950. Back (L/R): Charlie Thornton (holding Sandra), Lily Laurence nee Malcolm,
Kathleen Thornton nee Clarke, Tom Laurence, Lottie Barclay (holding Michael), Mollie Essenstam, Ronda Laurence,
Jan Essenstam, Emily Clarke nee Laurence. Front: Malcolm Laurence, Ann Laurence, unknown and John Essenstam.

kathleen clarke kath clarke and workmates

From Sandra Denham's 'Denham Family Tree' on Ancestry.com, the photo on the left is of Kathleen Mary ('Kath') Clarke.
That on the right shows Kath with her workmates at the Lithgow Small Arms Factory during the Second World War.

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