Bodger Family Photos

(last updated: 31 January 2014)

william and sons

William Bodger with three of his sons probably in around 1905.

bodger family

Taken in leytonstone in Essex in England in 1931, this photo is of, from left to right:
William Ainsworth Bodger, Ada Parsons nee Bodger, Ada's husband William ('Will') Parsons and
Herbert Ainsworth ('Bert') Bodger.

mabel emily bodger sidney cazaubon

The photo on the left may be of Mabel Emily Bodger, aged 30 years, second daughter of William Bodger and Elizabeth Ainsworth.
The one on the right, taken in London in around 1910, shows Louise Ann Cazaubon nee Kelly (1881-1912) and her children
including, standing in the front, Sidney Leonard Cazaubon (1907-88) who married Elizabeth Ainsworth Bodger,
daughter of Hector Charlesw and Florence Beatrice Bodger nee Fountain, in the East Ham RD of Essex in 1939.

ncos of the 42 battalion

The NCOs of 42 Battalion, taken at Locre in the Ypres area of Belgium in January 1918.
Bert is third from the right in the centre row.

bert & edith ian in litter

The photo on the left is of Herbert Ainsworth ('Bert') Bodger and his wife
Edith Maud ('Edie') Bodger (nee Bennett) in New Guinea in the early 1930s.
Bert and Edie met at Edie Creek in New Guinea and were married there on 22 August 1931.
The photo on the right shows Edie and her son Ian Ainsworth Bodger about to walk from
Edie Creek to Wau (Ian and Moina tell us that there was then 'no road between Wau and Edie Creek,
only a narrow bush track, which meant they had to walk and carry all their possessions.
Wau was 1300m altitude and Edie Creek 2200m').

flying from wau to salamaua

Bert and Edie about to fly from Wau to Salamaua.

The following two images are of postcards sent to Bert from England before the First World War.
At that time he was working on his farm 'Utopia' at Gin Gin in Queensland
(Gin Gin is some 50 kilometres inland from Bundaberg).

early aerocard

This card of 'The First UK Aerial Post' was sent to Bert on 13 September 1911 by his older brother Arthur.
Arthur was then living at 46 Fairlop Road in Leytonstone in Essex. On the back is written: 'This card is a
bit of a novelty, it being one of those carried by the first Aeroplane post. They are sent from Hendon
to Windsor by air and are then sent on to their destination by the usual channels. The first airman
travelled with the mail at the rate of about 120 miles an hour. The second merchant made a bloomer,
came down wallop to break both his legs. Hence the postmaster's notice that he does not take
responsibility for delays.

the titanic

This card of the Titanic was also sent by Arthur on 3 May 1912, less than a month after the liner
was sunk in a collision with an iceberg on 14 April the same year.

Image Sources:
Mabel Emily Bodger in 1914, from 'Barrett Family Tree' on (note the photo
is said to be of Mabel's niece of the same name which can't be the case as she was born in 1916).
Cazaubon family from 'Janelle Cazaubon Family Tree' on
NCOs of 42 Battalion from the Australian War Memorial database (ID E01519).
All other photos and postcards courtesy of Ian and Moina Bodger.

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