Alfred and Alice Cheeseman (nee Laurence)
Family Photos

(last updated: 20 July 2013)

alice maud laurence alfred cheeseman

Alice Maud Laurence and Alfred William Cheeseman before they were married.

house at skipton

The house at Skipton with Laurie and Winnie on the left plus others
who are yet to be identified.

cheesemans at walpeup

Alfred William Cheeseman with his team of horses in front of the house at Walpeup.
Winnie is seated on the horse on the left with either Lance or Freddie. The boy on the right is probably Les.

reg cheeseman alfred and alice in 1945

Reg Cheeseman. Alfred and Alice in 1945.

alfred and alice cheeseman

Alice and Alfred Cheeseman and their youngest son, Alfred John ('Freddie') Cheeseman, standing with
Alfred's younger sister Rosina Olive Tulloch nee Cheeseman.

cheesemans at teens wedding

Members of the Cheeseman family at Teen's wedding.
From L/R: Reg, Alice Maud, Freddy, Alfred William, Teen, Les and Winnie.

alfreds grave at walpeup alice cheeseman in 1960

Alfred's grave at Walpeup and Alice in 1960.

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